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The Rise Of Socialism Explained By Thor Halvorssen

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, has recently been providing his views on the reasons for the success of the campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid to win the Democrat’s Presidential nomination in 2016. Halvorssen discussed the rise of socialism as a political ideology in the U.S. with Fox Business host Trish Regan, who began the interview by stating her own belief that many Sanders supporters do not understand exactly what socialism is.

Halvorssen was praised by Trish Regan for his impressive and detailed responses to her questions about socialism, which the human rights activist who founded the Oslo Freedom Forum was able to link back to his own experiences; the Thor Halvorssen family has seen three members personally affected by human rights abuses at the hands of so called socialist government officials. The Hollywood film producer explained his home country of Venezuela had seen a large number of liberal governments over many decades who successfully combined socialist principles with their more mainstream policies.

Problems only began in Venezuela when the socialist principles of the government had become the dominant policies of government officials who used them to further their own ambitions; the use of socialism to extend personal gain had gone so far as to fix food prices and cause a major humanitarian problem in recent years. The ongoing humanitarian crisis has continued as the people of Venezuela have struggled to free themselves from the problems caused by the continued leadership of socialist governments.

After providing his own explanation of socialism for Trish Regan, Thor Halvorssen went on to explain the reasons behind his decision to provide financial support for the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen explained the self described Democratic Socialist Senator was the only candidate who did not have a personal history linking him to well known human rights abusers and had so far not used racially charged rhetoric during his campaign.

Writing Wiki Articles: A Brief Overview

These days, the world of online writing is becoming more and more prevalent as academic professionals recognize its power. As noted in a recent article, students in Sydney are now taking courses that enable them to write and edit pieces on Wikipedia. This mode of teaching writing oftentimes functions in conjunction with or in replacement of the traditional essay-writing process. According to many academic instructors, students often times find the traditional process of writing essays to be unoriginal. Additionally, several instructors have noted that students do not take the time to read their detailed comments regarding the work they produce. Having students write and update a Wikipedia page for the online encyclopedia has proven to be an effective alternative that enables individuals to improve their writing skills and attain feedback from thousands of people, including Wikipedia editors. 

Although the aforementioned Wikipedia developments may seem unrelated to the world of business, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, business owners who are striving to extend their sphere of influence and optimize their conversion rates should know that having Wikipedia articles written about the goods and services they offer is a wonderful way to realize the objective. These days, millions of people across the globe utilize Wikipedia to gain accurate, concise information regarding brands. This means that business owners who maintain several Wikipedia page listings can increase their brand’s visibility as well as their own bottom line.

Business owners who are interested Wikipedia page creation done for their brand, products and services can look to Get Your Wiki for assistance. This Wikipedia writing company provides clients with consulting services that optimize the creation, Wikipedia edits, and systematic updating of an individual’s Wikipedia page. The company provides clients with complimentary quotes, and these quotes can be provided within 24 hours. Attaining these services is important and effective for several reasons, including the fact that it provides you with the opportunity to enhance and optimize your online presence. Additionally, this mode of article publication precludes you from having to create a Wiki page for yourself.

Brian Bonar is Instrumental in Developing Professional Employer Organizations

Brian Bonar has had a widely successful financial career that spans over 40 years. This incredible career has earned him a lot of experience and expertise as a top business and financial executive in the country. He is a widely respected executive who has developed top notch management skills over the years to become a hugely sought after individual. Today, he heads Trucept Inc. as the Chief Operating Officer.

About Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

A PEO is a company that partners with another client company to provide comprehensive human resource outsourcing services. The PEO manages the client company’s human resource, payroll, employee benefits and regulatory compliance. This form of co-employment arrangement sees the two companies share several responsibilities in a contractual arrangement. Bonar has been instrumental in the development of this form of business for his company, AMS Outsourcing as well as Trucept Inc.

Early Life and Career

Brian Bonar has always had a highly technical background that has shaped his entire career. He received his degree from James Watt Technical College in the field of Mechanical Engineering from 1963 to 1969. He later received his Masters in the same field from Stafford University from 1973 to 1985. He received his first job from IBM, working as a procurement Manager for 16 years, from 1969 to 1985. At the firm, he was in charge of outsourcing of all the mother boards for the companyÕs personal computers.

He later moved to QMS and became its Director of Engineering from 1985 to 1989. He managed a huge team of about 100 development engineers dealing with both software and hardware. He left the company to join Rastek Corporation as the firm’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing. #

He was in charge of the company’s worldwide sales for its printing technology. He stayed at the firm from 1989 to 1993 (source: https://about.me/brianbonar). Bonar later left Rastek and joined Adaptec as a Sales Manager for one year. In the year 1994, Bonar decide to launch his own company called Bezier Systems. He used the company to launch a SCSI based printer-the first printer of its kind. He ran the company for one year.

Career after Bezier Systems

According to Dalrada, Brian Bonar Joined Itec Imaging Technologies and stayed at the company from 1995 to 1999. He was appointed as the Sales and Marketing Vice President. In 1999, Bonar became the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services. Today, he still heads the company in guiding and directing strategy for sales and management.

In 2006, Bonar founded and managed AMS Outsourcing, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). The company was based in San Diego, California. In 2008, Bonar was appointed the President of Allegiant Professional Business Services. In 2011, he joined Trucept as its Chairman and CEO. At the professional employer organization, he is charged with temporary staffing, insurance products as well as services.

Behind the Curtains with Stephen Murray

While mainly operating in New York, CCMP capital is a global private equity firm that produced millions of dollars through buyout and equity related transactions, since the start of 1984. They mainly operate in four industries, including the following:

* Retail or consumer industry
* Industrial
* Health Care
* Management of chemicals and energy

CCMP emphasizes the importance of teamwork by working with several management firms during the investment process. Initiatives such as the company’s objectives, financial services and incentives are apart of a joint-effort.

Since the creation of the company, they produced an insurmountable amount of accomplishments that are quite notable through their existence. Chase Venture partners, formed from the merge between the Chemical Bank and Capital partners, eventually turned into the largest bank in the United states, after undergoing an additional merge with the Manhattan bank. As of today, the company contains a net total of $2-3 billion in assets.

History of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital placed a lot of time and dedication towards his studies, especially when he became a private equity investor and philanthropist. After obtaining his Bachelors degree from Boston college in 1984, he earned a Masters degree in Business administration from Columbia Business School.

His career was mostly centered around developing CCMP. From being a member of the credit analyst training program, in at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, he began his career after joining MH Equity corporation in 1989. The Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was formed through a gradual success of merges from past companies, such as the Chemical Bank, MH Equity, and Chase Capital Partners.


Stephen Murray CCMP Capital’s death which was reported by Wall Street Journal during the beginning of 2015 appeared to many individuals as an immediate shock, considering that he’s was only 52 and ended ties with CCMP a month before he passed away. Many of his loves ones, including CCMP chairman Greg Brenneman. During an interview, he placed a lot of emphasis on Steve’s contributions to the company and denoted him as “A terrific investor and dealmaker,” alongside an incredible friend.

Investment Advice for Newcomers

Newcomers that are investing for the very first time will be thrilled to know that there are an abundant amount of resources for them to consider. There are lots of people that are investing money that have never invested before. Some of them are looking for a plan to improve their investing.

Laidlaw & Company has been around for a long time according to brokercheck.org, and this company has become one of the more prominent companies for investors to consider. This organization has grown into a firm that has hundreds of years of experience. The company has been able to thrive as an organization that specializes in portfolio management and investing banking services for both individuals and organizations. Laidlaw has sites in several locations in the United States, and there is also a corporate office in the United Kingdom.

InvestorClaims.com have recognized that there is a need for help when it comes to investing, and that is the reason why many people have chosen to see counsel from financial consultants with Laidlaw. When people acquire advice from these professionals they have the ability to make better decisions regarding their portfolio. They can actually see all the options that they have based on the money that they have to invest. A financial consultant can give people a much better perspective on the type of investments they need to make.

The young investor will have more compounded interest than those that start later in life. Later investors doesn’t have to fret, however, because there are still some aggressive options that they can take to maximize their earnings. In most cases the risk will be higher, but the investor that started late doesn’t have anything to lose.

Investors that are trying to save for the future must understand the importance of building a portfolio that is diversified. It is going to take a lot of different stocks and other investments to prepare you for a life beyond a working career. It may take as much as a million in savings to live during your retirement years. This is why early investing is important.



Coriant, Paving The Digital Road

Coriant is a network development company for businesses and companies seeking to upgrade or refine their systems with the latest advancements in end-to-end connectivity. The company consist of a division that split from Nokia Networks in order to focus on the design and implementation of the most cutting-edge network technology, and make it available to much larger audience.

Setup to cater to an international consumer base, Coriant’s headquarters are based in Munich, Germany and Naperville, USA. As part of their ideals for providing high-quality service across all aspects of network deployment and integration, Coriant is aiming to make their products the industry standard, and have taken steps to do so by making Shaygan Kheradpir, former CIO/CTO of Verizon, current CEO of Juniper Networks and CO/TO of Barclays, as their new CEO.

Shaygan is a notable figure in the IT product industry, helping build GTE from the ground up to eventually fuse with Bell Atlantic to form the mobile monster Verizon that we know today. Shaygan’s specialties lay in product development and meeting deadlines, which is perfect for a new company seeking to push their high-end products out across a global spectrum.

While his product development is a legendary focal point, he is also known for cutting excessive expenditures generated by his departments. This focus on cutting cost led to him developing the idea of using the companies resources to create their own infrastructure, rather than buying from outsides sources that would need to be continuously payed for upkeep and updates for their products.

Coriant should have a promising future with Shaygan at the helm, along with his connections in other parts of the industry. Coriant is on the right track for rapid expansion and development, and with a veteran team already setup they should have no problems in meeting the various challenges and deadlines to come.

Shah’s Two Friends Bring Their Talents To Autism Rocks’ Board


Sanjay Shah has put an enormous amount of effort into making his charity endeavor Autism Rocks a huge success. Britain’s very high-profile millionaire is known for more than just his financial dealings. He is also known for doing tremendous work in the area of autism research. Autism Rocks has been a great success so far. Now, Shah wants to help ensure the venture stays successful. One way he is doing this is by bringing two old friends to the charity’s board. As The Sunday Times reveals, Will and Pete Best have been added as the new trustees on the board.

The Best brothers and Shah first met back during their college days. Based on the amount of time Shah has known the two men, it is clear he is familiar with their talents and skills. Clearly, he feels they would be a good addition to the board, and are capable of helping Autism Rocks achieve even greater success in the coming years.

Autism Rocks according to global citizen seeks to raise money for autism research in a very unique way. The organization sponsors invitation-only concerts/fundraisers. The unique concept draws a lot of attention towards the charity’s cause, and that is a good thing. The more people become aware of the serious nature of the charity, the more people are willing to consider doing their part to direct money towards the cause. Sanjay Shah of Solo Capital has a very personal interest in autism research. One of his children is autistic.

Pete and Will Best are now going to do their part to support the charity. Pete Best served as the Chief Operating Officer at Icap. Will Best has a strong background in the music industry. This background includes promoting events. Both men have the unique skills and experience to effectively contribute to the success of the charity.

The Best brother and Sanjay Shah do greatly understand financial matters and management. Shah runs Solo Capital, a financial services which according to companycheck worth millions. In addition to running Solo Capital, Shah owns scores of other businesses throughout the world. His brilliant business acumen Solo Capital has successfully guided his decisions in running Autism Rocks.

Homeless Pets Receive Guardian Angel Ross Abelow to Help with Gofundme

The Lawyerlighthouse is a listing of legal professionals in the surrounding New York area. This list provides local information to the location of lawyers and other professionals you may need in New York and surrounding areas. For a few years, people have noticed the increase in homelessness. Both people and animals are sleeping in the streets of New York. They search for food and they search for blankets to keep warm. Homeless animals can be a danger if they have never received vaccinations. These animals must find homes or end up in places such as animal services. People like Ross Abelow are trying to help control the population of homeless dogs in New York. Ross Abelow is responsible for setting up a GoFundMe Page for food and blankets. The animal shelters explain that there is an overburden of homeless animals in the shelters. Food is in shortage and blankets are almost all gone. The Gofundme page will help to raise money so that the animal shelters can buy more blankets and food for these animals.

Training and vaccination are important when adopting a dog from an animal shelter or the dog pound. Every dog that comes into the pound must go out to be spay and neutered before receiving their forever homes. These procedures cost money. The animal shelter does not perform these procedures unless the dog is being adopted. It is the responsibility of the new pet owner to see that the pet population is controlled by neutering and spaying their new family member.

Ross Abelow is a New York attorney with a big heart for animals. He works very hard to help families with their legal needs. Ross can draw up wills, living wills, divorce papers, contracts, and other legal forms of papers. He is important when it comes to understanding the legal terminology. Ross will help families, corporations, and entertainers to read their contracts or legal documents correctly. Ross Abelow is a family man that enjoys sports and animals. His gofundme page will hopefully raise at least $5000 dollars. The hope is for every animal to be off the street with a warm blanket and good meal. Ross and others are trying to make this happen.

Every time the air gets cold, the snow starts falling, and the wind starts howling, so will the cold innocent little dogs in town. Help them out by donating. The more money that is donated to the gofundme page, the more animals that will be spending time warm and full every evening.

Learn more about Ross Abelow’s services:

Is It That George Soros Has Seen Trouble Coming In The Energy Sector.


George Soros is a big-time billionaire investor who has invested in different sectors of the American economy and in other markets worldwide. He is the owner and founder of the Soros Fund Management, an investment business entity which he uses to invest. On of the biggest Soros investment was in the American energy industry, an industry that is mainly driven by petroleum products. The energy sector contributes nearly 8% of the gross domestic income and creates employment directly for more than 5%of the working population in America. For a long time, this industry has been highly profitable taking into consideration the high consumption rates of oil and gas in the nation. For some few months now the industry has been having some signs of instability, with world oil prices hitting a low of $26 per barrel.

The instability in the energy industry has been confirming by George Soros moved to have his Soros Fund Management sell all of its investments regarding shares in the industry during the last quarter of the year 2015. As we all know, George Soros is the genius of investment, and its obvious good investment decisions are the one that has put him where he is now. With this withdrawal move, other investors in the energy sector have been left in a dilemma on why is the investment guru pulling out; is it that he has foreseen trouble, or he is just transferring his investment to another industry. But we all know that George Soros has more than enough to invest in another more lucrative business without pulling out of one investment. To add on this, there so many factors supporting the rumor that the has seen trouble in the oil industry.

To begin with, there is a threat by a country that produces more than a fifth of the world oil, Iran, that it will dump oil into the world market as a get back moves to the numerous sanctions put upon it. More oil in the market will mean that the prices of oil per barrel will even be lower than the already are. To show it is serious about the threat, Iran refused to sign an agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia, other large oil producers, to reduce the production of oil until prices come up. There is also the World Bank issue on the other side. The world bank had given its predictions for the oils prices for 2016 to be at around $56 per barrel. It recently reviewed that prediction and stated that $31 per barrel will be the new prices for the year. This is an indication that the world oil prices are in trouble.

Apart from business, George Soros is also passionate about human rights and freedoms and also democracy. This passion led him to start the Open Society Foundation, a philanthropic organization that looks forward to promoting human rights and values and fighting for democracy.


Jon Urbana’s Got the Petal to the Metal in 2016

Jon Urbana lives a very busy professional life. He serves as the Head of Business Development at Ellipse Technologies, a company that is heavily involved with laser systems. “Business development” can be an extremely diverse and all-encompassing department to work in. Being in charge of such a department requires scores of skills. Jon Urbana has those skills.

Speaking of scores, Jon Urbana’s other business venture entails running the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The camp runs a very structured program designed to train lacrosse players for various league plays. Many of the young people in the lacrosse camp have intentions of turning professional. Jon Urbana most definitely knows a lot about professional lacrosse. He is a retired professional player whose college lacrosse career at Villanova University was exceptional. Villanova is also the learning institution in which Urbana studies business and fiscal matters. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the college.

Sports and business are two very grounded endeavors. Piloting is not as much grounded as it takes place in the glory of the skies. Jon Urbana knows a lot about flying and aviation. He is a licensed pilot. Jon Urbana is a bit more than a certified pilot, he is a highly certified pilot. The Federal Aviation Administration even noted his high level of skill, experience, and certifications. Very few people in the world are pilots. Urbana is not only a pilot, he is a highly credentialed one. In the world of aviation, this is impressive.

You may be surprised to know that Jon Urbana is also a huge fan of helping the community as well as the arts. He also enjoys creating his own photo art, and he shares his art online via blogging and social media platforms. In addition to artistic photography, Urbana enjoys short narrative and experimental videos, innovative music, and more. Some of the music he shares is definitely worth a listen.

The Tumblr, SlideShare and Product Hunt profiles for Jon Urbana are very active. So is his blog. Anyone wishing to learn more about what Jon Urbana is up to or is sharing should check these out all these sites and communities.