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Understanding the Role of Investment Banking Firms

Investment banking experts provides advisory services to companies on how to invest their funds. Investment banking firms targets both individuals as well as corporations. They are experienced in matters relating to financial and stock markets. In addition, the experts understands the legal mechanisms used in various investment opportunities. Since they are experienced, they perform market research and review so as to develop excellent investment opportunities to their clients. The firms will also offer foreign exchange and private banking services.

Investment banking firms has been targeting companies, government agencies, non-governmental institutions and also financial industry at large. The firms have been partnering with investors who have funds but are not sure the best investment opportunity they can choose. The experts are issuing equity and debt placement to investors in addition to offering investment options available. The firms also provide brokerage services to companies and individuals. The objective of investment banking firms is to advice investors after analyzing market opportunities that would yield highest rate return on investment. The firms focus on services like mergers and acquisition, merchant and private placement transactions. Some high ranking investment banking firms include Bear Stearns, Barclays Capital and Calyon among others.

Some investment banking firms have their shares traded at stock exchange markets encouraging investors on linkedin.com to buy their shares. As such, traders buying shares at the exchange market end up becoming shareholders of these firms. Other investment banking firms are owned by families, wealthy individuals and government agencies. These firms generate their income by charging fees and commissions on their services. Their target clients include hedge fund managers, companies and government institutions.

Jim Dondero, the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management is a highly recognized individual in this industry. He has experience of three decades in the credit and equity fields. Highland Capital Management was the first investment banking firm to create and offer Collateralized Loan Obligation to investors. Also, the firm specializes in other industries like ETFs, mutual funds, CLOS and private equity funds. James Dondero chairs a number of initiatives and also is a member of several boards. Due to his skills and experience, he has enabled Highland Capital Management to be among the best firms in this industry.

Potential investors are largely targeted by investment banking experts. These investors are offered different investment options that are suitable based on their needs and qualification. The firms will analyze market trends and opportunities, review capital structure of their clients and suggest the best investment available. The firms normally recruit skilled and experienced professionals who can adjust properly to the market environment and also depending on the needs of clients.

Other investors would like to expand their investments either locally or globally. In this case, investment banking experts will perform market research and advice investors on viability of their plans. The experts will review current investment, review the capital structure of the investors and match them with favorable investment options available. Indeed, it is advantageous to investors when they engage investment banking experts because they will have confidence in their investments.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime – A Story of Success

It’s been a long and adventurous journey for Xenia Vorotova from her native homeland of Russia to sunny Los Angeles, California via New York City. Always a dreamer, the young girl arrived in the United States in the early 1990s intent on finding success in the music business and fashion industry.
Desiring to achieve success on her own terms rather than on the coattails of others, Vorotova started out small with ventures into music and selling clothing.
In 2007, after her music endeavors failed to pan out, the young Russian women decided to try her hand at something she knew well: cosmetics and how to make women look beautiful.
To push her hip-line of disco-pop makeup, she needed a name to match the image. Xenia Vorotova just wouldn’t do. Friends and family had begun to call her “doe” because of her fondness for ‘doe-y-eye’ makeup during her pop-music era. Though the music career ended, she decided to play on the Doe name and, for business purposes, became Doe Deere on ideamensch.
In 2008, Doe turned her talents to the cosmetics industry full time. Intuitively, she knew there was an untapped market of young teenage girls eager for a line of wildly colorful and sparkly eye makeup and lipstick that they would never find in their mother’s cosmetic cabinets.
Playing on the idea of dreams and whimsy and fantasy, Doe touted her creations as ‘makeup for unicorns’ and targeted girls 16-years old and under as her customer base. She gave the cosmetics line a catchy name, ‘Lime Crime’, had Unicorn labels designed and printed, and went into business.
From the beginning, she wanted the cosmetics to whimsical, colorful and cruelty free.
Doe quickly mastered the art of internet marketing. The Lime Crime website is ablaze with exciting colors and unicorn fantasy. Green-haired models with exotic blue lips, vivid shades of sparkling eye shadows, and bright colorful nails portray the looks many teenage girls dream about. To emphasize her promise to offer only cruelty-free cosmetics, the statement is clearly printed on the Lime Crime website. In addition, all product suppliers for Line Crime have to guarantee no animal testing is ever used in their products.
Besides having an active role on Facebook and other social-media outlets, Doe created the ‘Doe Deere Blogazine’ blog to communicate back and forth with her growing legions of young female fans.
In her continuing support of women in business, Doe travels and speaks to women’s entrepreneurial groups all around the country. She states that one of her best experiences along this end was giving a speech at the PHAMExpo in Los Angeles several years ago. The yearly expo is the ultimate meeting place for savvy beauty professionals and students. Besides viewing the latest trends for hair styling and makeup, the participants attend workshops and seminars. When Doe spoke to the packed audience on the subject of “Don’t Quit Your Daydream,’ she was speaking from the heart. Doe Deere had turned her own daydream into a successful reality.