Goats are Back to Work at O’Hare Airport

Goats, along with llamas, lambs and burros, are back on the job at O’Hare Airport.  They arrived in July and thru November they’ll be helping to control invasive weeds and other plants around the airport.  There’s approximately 13 goats at the airport – outnumbering their weed-eating friends.

Goats at Work?

The blog Whole Home News has an excerpt from EXTRAORDINARY GOATS up now:

No, it’s not Take Your Goat to Work Day, sadly. But, goats actually are “workhorses” in the livestock world. Janet Hurst, author of Extraordinary Goats: Meetings with Remarkable Goats, Caprine Wonders & Horned Troublemakers, shares some of the ways that our bearded buddies make life easier for humans. (read more at Whole Home News)


Photo from the book Extraordinary Goats

Photo from the book Extraordinary Goats

National Goat Cheese Month

Did you know?

August is National Goat Cheese Month!

And of course, EXTRAORDINARY GOATS has all you need to know about goat cheese – the varieties, cheese-making tips, techniques, recipes and more.

A photo of delicious-looking chevre from Extraordinary Goats Did you know "chevre" means "goat" in French?

A photo of delicious-looking chevre from Extraordinary Goats
Did you know “chevre” means “goat” in French?

More Goats on a Roof…and a Goat Cam

Things We Love Dept.:

Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay, WI loves goats!  They have a big sod roof and most days in the Summer and Spring you’ll see the goats up there, doing what goats do. The’ve also got a goat cam – click on the picture to get to the goat cam.

Visit the goat cam to see these goats

Visit the goat cam to see these goats


Al Johnson’s is located in beautiful Door County in WI.  The menu looks delicious and you can see live music as part of their front porch summer series.  Looks like a great place…made even better with the goats on the roof!



Local Minnesota Goat News

Voyageur Press, the publisher of the new book EXTRAORDINARY GOATS is based in Minneapolis, MN, so we try to stay attuned to what’s happening locally in the goat world.  This came across our desk earlier today:

Shonyo Farm is pleased to announce that our Nubian doe, Jolly Time Daisy Duke, will be featured in a TV commercial for John Deere tractors. It was filmed yesterday and will air Aug – Oct during the Fox9 at 9:00 pm news and WCCO TV10:00 pm news and some other spots. I’ll post the schedule once I get it. I’ll try to get the commercial uploaded to our website also. The filming was fun and Daisy did a great job. The whole John Deere crew (MN Equipment Solutions) was so kind and made such an effort to ensure that Daisy was happy and safe throughout the filming. Of course the goat represents the “wrong” way to mow your lawn but, as they say, any publicity is good publicity. Yay for goats on TV!”


And we second that: “yay for goats on TV!”


Goat Vocabulary – from “Extraordinary Goats”

So you’re interested in goats, or maybe just got your first one.  Best to quickly learn goat vocabulary.  There is a language surrounding goat keeping and care.  Via the new book EXTRAORDINARY GOATS, here’s a list of commonly heard/used words

Billy (slang) or sire: A male goat used for breeding

Buck: A male goat.

Chèvre: Fresh cheese, made from goat milk.

Colostrum: The first milk produced by a newly
freshened doe. This is a thick yellow substance
full of antibodies and is essential to the newborn
kid’s survival. This first milk is produced for about
three days.

Doe: A female goat.
Fresh: A goat who is lactating is considered to be
fresh. A goat who has recently had a kid and come
into her milk is said to be freshened.

Kids: Young goats.

Nanny (slang) or dam: A goat mother.

Polling: Removing horns

Wether: A male goat that has been castrated



Extraordinary Goats: Meetings with Remarkable Goats, Caprine Wonders & Horned Troublemakers

Forget chickens, bunnies or any other farm animals—goats are hot!  Besides their growing popularity with hobby farmers, goats are everywhere, getting millions of views on You Tube, in the news, doing yard maintenance and more.  Its in that spirit Voyageur Press is publishing the new book, EXTRAORDINARY GOATS: MEETINGS WITH REMARKABLE GOATS, CAPRINE WONDERS & HORNED TROUBLEMAKERS, by Janet Hurst.

What a great looking book cover!

What a great looking book cover!


Humans have used the goat as a symbol for thousands of years and have given it a place in myth and legend; in recent times, images of goats are found everywhere from beer labels to heavy metal art. At the same time, the goat also remains a simple farm animal. From ancient myths to pop culture to profiles of domestic breeds; from music to sports to, yes, beer, Extraordinary Goats explores the many facets of the animal.   Goats are useful for their milk, their fur, and their meat, and many communities and airports employ goat herds for landscape management.  But besides productivity, goats have personality. They can be friendly, angry, pensive, cranky, or curious; they can be your best friend or a thorn in your side. They can drive you crazy and make you laugh—or cry.

Chapters on goats in music (check out the cover of The Beach Boys opus Pet Sounds: yes, that’s a goat.), sports (there’s a reason the Cubs haven’t had much success the last 60+ years), beer, movies, and even religion explore the impact goats have had.  There’s also recipes, info on goat breeds, fibers and much more.

Extraordinary Goats is chock full of historical illustrations and photos of goats doing what goats do: riding motorcycles, climbing trees, chewing, singing, and being adorably irascible.

Whether you own a goat, long wanted one or are just fascinated by videos of goats singing Taylor Swift songs and climbing towers, Extraordinary Goats is the book for you.