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Dick DeVos Joins The Liquor Industry As Owner Of Coppercraft Distillery

The liquor and alcoholic drinks industry has been evolving in recent years to see a shift for many drinkers to craft brewers and distillers making higher quality products. One of the latest entrants in the liquor industry is the Holland Township, Michigan based Coppercraft Distillery that has become successful in the local area as a producer of gin and rum drinks. Established in 2013, Coppercraft Distillery has just seen a major investment by the Dick DeVos backed Windquest Group that should see the company available to a greater number of customers across the U.S., MLive reports.

Understanding the move into the liquor industry of Dick and Betsy DeVos is easy as the married couple have seen a greater number of business interests since establishing Windquest and taking a lesser role at AmWay. The growth of Windquest Group has taken place for DeVos as the growth of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation continues to grow alongside that of the business interests of the AmWay business executive.

Dick has always been interested in exploring different areas of business that push him to find new areas of interest and experience new concepts; a good example of this is the purchase of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise in 1991, which saw the DeVos family place Dick in charge of the company in a bid to find success, Wikipedia reports. Business success has allowed Dick and Betsy DeVos the opportunity to share their wealth with good causes, such as the more than $22 million donation to the Kennedy Arts Center to prolong the life of the arts management program at the center.

The arrival of Windquest Group as a major source of funding for Coppercraft Distillery should see many of the objectives of founder Walter Catton III achieved with a great level of success. Windquest Holdings has already taken control of a number of companies in different industries, including a successful wine and food company that has given Dick experience of working in the industry. The initial application for a liquor license has already been approved and will be followed by a further review of the takeover by Dick DeVos.

Learn more about Dick’s career by connecting with him on LinkedIn or Facebook or read more about his foundation by visiting the following link >> http://www.dbdvfoundation.org

A Higher Level of Care at Manse on the Marsh

For individuals considering a move from their homes to a facility, the level of care is vital. For instance, there are basically three levels of care regarding housing and care. The first level is nursing home care. Nursing homes are generally for older adults who require care around the clock. The amount of care is much higher and prevents the older adults from maintaining any independence.

The highest level is known as independent living. The targeted age for independent living is 55 years old and older. Independent living communities can range from apartments to townhomes. Residents there can care for themselves without much help from anyone. One aspect of independent living facilities is the communities have planned events like outing to a department store.

Manse on the Marsh is an Assisted Living Facility
Somewhere in between independent living and nursing home care is assisted living. Assisted living is often viewed as the best of both worlds. Assisted living residents have as much freedom, or independence, as they want. In addition, they have personal care and support services available, if needed.

One model of assisted living care is Manse on the Marsh. It offers activities of daily living, or ADL, such as bathing, grooming and dressing. Many reviews of Manse on the Marsh often include how it goes a step further than traditional assisted living facilities. It offers planned activities such as outings and entertainment. Manse on the Marsh is built as a community to offering a combination of privacy, socialization, fine dining and personal care—if need. They are dedicated to proving exceptional quality to residents by offering independence with living arrangements such as:

• One bedroom
• Two bedroom
• Studio apartment
• Free-standing cottages
• Companion suites

In addition to the freedom residents have in their living arrangements, they also share common areas. Common areas include shared spaces where they can host parties, bistro patio to have lunch and other common areas to socialize.
Other features include:

• A TV room
• Hiking trails
• Beauty shop
• Barber shop
• Parking for residents
• Bus shuttles for transportation
• Housekeeping
• Laundry services for linens or clothing
• Pets allowed
• Cable TV in residents’ apartments, studios and cottages
• Library with Computer and Internet access

The Main Dining Area is an Elegant and Spacious Place
Manse on the Marsh has an elegant dining area where fresh, chef-prepared meals are served. This is separate from the informal bistro area mentioned earlier. For those not interested in having chef-prepared meals in the dining areas, other options are available such as:

• Making meals in their full-kitchen with oven or kitchenette
• Meals delivered to room

Assisted living facilities are the best of both worlds for people who need a little bit of help. Manse on the Marsh is located in San Luis Obispo, California.

Beneful Premium Dog Food Is Impressive

Dog food is something that my wife and I have researched quite a lot. We made the serious decision to buy a dog for our child just recently. Our child is so young that he won’t be able to actually take care of the dog until his is much older, so we’re going to have to raise the dog, which is alright by me. I just want to make sure we are doing the right thing for the dog by providing food that is dense in the nutrients that our dog needs. We just bought the pup and brought him home yesterday. I have to say that I think we made the right choice about his food. We decided the buy Beneful from Purina. That’s a premium dog food that most pet stores carry on their shelves. The reason we went with Beneful over the other selections of dog foods is because we read this article from the Daily Herald that preaches about what great jobs the premium brands of dog foods do to make their food the highest quality on the market. You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you. They actually taste test their food with real people! In the article, a manufacturing chief who works at the premium brand’s factory actually cut apart a sliver of a dog food being sold in stores, and he tried it. He liked it! He said that it was like “Thanksgiving.” Can you believe that? Beneful is one of the leading brands out there, and I know why. They actually print their ingredients on their packaging, which is far better than some of the brands because you read the ingredients on Beneful and are proud to purchase that product. I am always impressed when I see that my dog’s food has real pieces of chicken in it or real vegetables. The Chopped Blends is honestly the best looking and best smelling dog food I have ever seen in my life. It’s really impressive.

Beneful Baked Delights And Other Premium Foods

What’s better than giving your dog something to eat that smells great? Knowing that the food contains high quality ingredients in it and knowing that it went through a manufacturing process that has high standards helps give you peace of mind. It was important to me when I first bought my dog, and I still notice that the dog loves his food. He always beats me to the kitchen when he knows it’s feeding time. It’s like the dog has a watch around his paw. I found an article that gave me some more peace of mind. It’s from the Daily Herald, so you know it’s packed with credible information.

In the article, the manufacturing chief of a premium dog food company actually shows how good the food is for dogs by tasting it himself. It’s a turkey blend that the chief tastes, and he seems to enjoy the flavor. Anyone who eats dog food to prove that it tastes good must be telling the truth. I have smelled some pretty horrid dog food, but these premium dog foods are quite different.

In fact, Beneful smells so good that I might just join the manufacturing chief at the lunch table. I’m talking about Beneful Chopped Blends, of course. That food is the closest pet food that I have ever seen that resembles people’s food. In fact, I’m sure that it’s made with similar ingredients because I see huge pieces of meats and vegetables in the food. That article on beneful.com talks about how these premium companies actually spend a lot of money on their ingredients because they’re having to purchase high quality ingredients instead of the crap that the cheaper dog foods use in their foods. I’m proud to have made the switch to premium dog food.

My dog also likes Beneful Baked Delights Dog Treats. I bring Baked Delights with use when we go for our walks. He likes them all, but I usually buy the kind called Hugs. If you’d like more information on how premium foods like Beneful are made, then check out the article at this url:

Doe Deere’s Tips To Look Stylish

A young girl named Doe Deere got interested in the beauty industry and was looking to showcase her talents to the rest of the world. People were interested in the sources of beauty tips and wondered if they could learn from new ideas. A couple of years alter, Doe Deere became one of the popular women in the beauty industry with her makeup tips and tutorials. Now she has a strong fan base and many years of experience teaching makeup applications to her loyal clients. She has tips to what it really takes to look trendy.

Some of the tips given here are based off of Doe Deere’s famous websites and videos. What is her secret to success? What does she want to convey to her fans about makeup? In an effort to find out, a list below has been created for readers to read.

Don’t Mix Too Many Patterns

Color is surely intimidating, but too many colors and patterns may prove disaster to one’s looks. Along the way, you will discover that using many patterns at one go is not only unattractive for others to see, but will make you look odd in a crowd. Some women have the talent to mix and match many patterns and still have that killer look, but this is not always the case. Better to be on the safe side than feel sorry later. You don’t want to look like Edie from Grey Gardens, fashion trends have replaced those with more accurate and decent looks. Doe Deere however has her own opinions about colors and patterns. She says patterns are fun but as long as they are used sensibly. The same color shoes, patterns with pairs, and patterns that compliment one another are safe to use. If not sure, it is best to keep the patterns in the same color family. She has documented what colors go with what patterns, and has studied fashion in meticulous detail. The usual advice that Doe Deere gives to her fans who want to improve their looks are great for many and both effective and economical for them. And Doe Deere has her own secrets when it comes to this topic that many people are interested in.

Wearing Socks With Open-Toed Shoes And Heels

Tracing the lives of hundreds of fashion enthusiasts and models, Doe Deere has discovered new twists to wearing socks – wearing them with open toed shoes or heels.Her pictures have uncovered a series of how socks can add beauty to the overall look and feel. Socks are indeed relevant for winter but even relevant with clothing in summer if they are thin and feel complete with the outfit one is wearing. So instead of hiding those colorful socks inside the closet or behind the shoes, reveal it, says Doe Deere. She has found that those socks with unusual patterns tend to uplift the entire look and exactly for the reasons anyone might imagine. In essence, colorful socks are a great addition to one’s wardrobe.

When You Need the Professionalism of the CCMP Capital Company and Its President Stephen Murray

If you have ever made a bad investment in the past, you know how frustrating it can be for you to lose your money that you worked so hard to achieve. The problem with so many people is that they lose their money in bad investments and then continue to make those bad investments. If you need help with investing, it is always a good idea to be working with experts like the CCMP Capital firm. The CCMP Capital firm is there to assist you in any way that they possibly can when it concerns the investments that you are going to make.

One of the first things about the Stephen Murray CCMP Capital company on Wall Street is that they have helped millions of people with making good investments. This can help you to feel confident that you are choosing a great company to work with when it comes to your money. Your money means more to you than anything else when it comes to seeing its growth and potential, so you need to make sure that the investments you are making are wise ones that will help to grow your funds over time. This can only be done when working with a professional firm like the CCMP Capital company.

The great thing about the CCMP Capital company is that it was founded and grown by a man named Stephen Murray. Steve Murray is one of the top investors in the country and has seen the growth of the CCMP Capital firm as one that will help thousands of people make better investments with their hard-earned money. Stephen Murray has a lot of experience in his field and continues to learn more about investing and how to grow money in an easy and secure manner that most people are simply unaware of how to do on their own.

There are lots of benefits to working with the CCMP Capital firm and using their expertise to ensure that your money grows. This is why a lot of people are looking to work with the professional investors of the CCMP Capital company so that they can help with just about anything that needs to get done. This is a great time for you to contact NY Post and the CCMP Capital firm and ask about the different services that they have available. Once this is done, you will find that your money goes into some pretty wise investments and you are able to work with the experts to ensure that you are not losing money in the process. This is a great option for anyone who would like to get the most out of their funds by making some of the best investments that are out there for them to make.

Is The Penny Going To Go Away? Philip Diehl of US Money Reserve Thinks It’s Time.

The penny doesn’t buy what it once did – that we all know. People just don’t use the penny anymore unless they are looking to be given an easy denomination of change on a small purchase.

Philip Diehl recently gave an interview on the possible impending demise of the penny. Diehl is the president of the precious metals seller U.S. Money Reserve and is a former director of the U.S. Mint.

Mr. Diehl was interviewed on CNBC’s program Squak Box and the live version of it can be viewed here:

Doe Deere Beauty Secrets

Doe Deere is one of those creative people that comes along once in a blue moon. She is the self appointed unicorn queen that is also the CEO of a very colorful beauty company named Lime Crime. Their wild palette of colors are also very whimsical and cruelty free. Some people like to play by the rules. Doe Deere is one woman that believes in breaking free of a few rules to really reveal the beauty inside of you. Her make-up line is definite proof of her love for wild and whimsical colors that excite the imagination.

Breaking Makeup Rule
Doe Deere is not one to follow the standard makeup or beauty rules. Her makeup for unicorns line of fabulous colors are very stylish, while still maintaining their uniqueness in a world filled with beauty lines and makeup lines that are interchangeable. Therefore, her number one beauty secret is to break those makeup rules that hold you back from revealing the beautiful unicorn queen inside of you. Here are a few rules she likes to break every chance that she gets:

  • She loves wearing bold lip and eye colors breaking rule number 1.
  • Doe Loves mixing a lot of colors in her wardrobe and outfits.
  • Doe Deere defies naysayers by wearing and mixing patterns.
  • Doe knows wearing socks with heels is fabulous and funky.
  • Doe loves wearing wild colors with her wild colored hair. No neutrals or blacks for her.
  • Doe gets annoyed at people that tell her to dress her age because she definitely does not.
  • Doe dresses the way that she likes for any occasion.

About Doe Deere
Truly, Doe Deere is a one of a kind entrepreneur. She is also a great inspiration to a number of young women that would like to become independent and start their own business enterprise. The Russian born unicorn queen grew up in New York City. Today, she is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She would like those in the beauty industry and others to realize that makeup is more than something to conceal. Makeup should set you free to be yourself. That was her philosophy when she opened the business back in 2008.

Doe remains a great inspiration to other young female entrepreneurs. It is her hope that her story will inspire future generations of women. She started with a small dream and slowly built her own beauty empire. Doe Deere is also a very avid supporter of other female entrepreneurs and would like to mentor them.

Yeonmi Park Speaks Out About North Korean Oppression

Yeonmi Park, the 25-year old North Korean defector, was recently highlighted in an article appearing on Reason.com (https://reason.com/blog/2015/11/15/yeonmi-parks-north-korean-defector-story). Park describes her ordeal in escaping the oppressive and abusive way of life that she and her family lived in under the Kim dictatorships. While drawing the ire of the North Korean government, Kim speaks out with a clear and forceful voice against the human rights abuses and false promises of her former home country. North Korea has gone to great lengths to try and discredit Yeonmi Park calling her a puppet of the United States and a calling attention to what they say are discrepancies in Parks account of her early life. Park contends that those discrepancies are to protect family members still under the influence of North Korea. Yeonmi grew up in a small city on the Chinese border. She had been born premature and her early survival, especially under the poor medical care in North Korea, was in doubt. Yet, Yeonmi proved early on as a fighter and overcame those early challenges. While her family was wealthy by North Korean standards, they still faced hunger during the many forced food shortages that the government used to keep the public under control. It was during one of these food shortages that Park’s father, a civil servant for the local Worker’s Labor party was caught in a smuggling scheme selling metals to the Chinese black market. Park’s father was sentenced to hard labor at a prison camp, and her family fell into disgrace pushing them into the very margins of their society. Yeonmi, like many of her countrymen, had been told that North Korea was a utopian country and their leaders were god-like. So deep was the with the images Park believed that Kim could actually read her mind. Given that the decision to flee into China was particularly frightening. With her father staying behind, Yeonmi, who was recovering from a botched surgery to cure a stomach ailment, and her mother fled under the cover of night across a frozen river into China. Once there, their human traffickers sold the two women into the sex trade betraying the original deal. The two women were finally able to escape with the help of Christain missionaries and crossed the border into Mongolia where they were able to seek asylum at the South Korean embassy. Their transition into freedom was not easy, and Yeonmi of casey and yeonmi still had yet to overcome the idea of Kim reading her thoughts. Nevertheless, the survivor had out and worked hard to catch up on her education eventually attending university. Today, Park is a frequent speaker at human rights conferences worldwide. She recently published a memoir of her defection titled In Order to Live. She states that she knows the truth about North Korea and that the oppression and tragedy cannot be silenced.

Slyce Continues To Make Headway In Retail With Its New Tech Product Slyce Link

According to an article the online site Market Wired, the product search platform for image recognition, Slyce Inc. made an announcement about a new contract deal conclusion with a Fortune 500 retail outlet for global toys, and it will the revenue generated by the contract supply much as double the profit due to a new set of visual search technologies, and today’s top digital services related to the service Slyce provides.

Slyce Link, which is new, has been incorporated into the present deal with beta testing and the important technology can now be used in force. It has been in development for more than a year to take care of customers’ needs. The solution Slyce Link provides is to show visually similar retail products to its customers in a way designed to eliminate very inconvenient and unnecessary searching to increase online sales, and it can facilitate the purchase in record time.

Since items integrated into the pages such as websites, mobile websites or a mobile application, the attributes of the analysis platform made use of its capital in order to provide consumers with high relevant visual alternatives, which can be applied to any selection of products they make.

Current statistics show that the abandonment of the purchase in the online retailing is between 75-85% according to Slyce’s CEO Mark Elfenbein. Slyce Link has been specifically developed as a technology to assist retailers greatly and help them be more successful with the interests of consumers with their online purchase of items. The solution allows retailers to show visually similar products in searches where customers have shown interest in the things that suffer from high demand or are sold out. For example, if a shoe is sold, then many customers would abandon searching on whatever site they were looking on to browse another with nothing to keep them at the original site. Slyce Link is there to provide a free of delay set of similar items of the same same quality as the shoe or product the customer previously searched. Slyce Link can instantly display many links of several pairs of shoes or products available for consumer purchase immediately. The probability that this will significantly close the sale is quite high.

Slyce Link is available through an API or control, and it is available immediately. Slyce expects amazing revenues once more of Slyce Link is used in line with its contracted retailers. Slyce has been growing strongly, and it has a very strong business model.