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Why workers thrive in New York shared office space  0


In a recent study by the Harvard Business review, research showed that co-workers recorded a significantly higher level of satisfaction. While there are many indicators at to what could drive office sharing experience satisfying, there were a few surprises as well. Co-working service providers want to give the individual the freedom be part of the greater society even when there is no active interaction. The aim is to make freelancing fun and social at the same time.


A closer look at one of the firms offering co-working spaces, one thing that they emphasize is luxury and environment. Co-working spaces are popular among young entrepreneurs. They have small startup capital and are looking to network. On the other hand, HBR reported that most co-working spaces offered outdoor and terraces which can improve the levels of creativity. This may make office sharing considerably rewarding.


Co-working feels like a community. There are over 1700 co-working spaces and they all have a set of governing rules. Technopreneur, freelancers, students and other can access some of this services 24/7. It does not matter if you work for an online campaign in a different time zone. There is also that feeling that you are all equal. Considering that you are all sharing the same facility, it does not matter if your startup is valued at $100m or not, it does not matter which gender you are. Women and minority groups are finding this spaces conducive because of their relatively diverse population.


More and more people are working in unconventional jobs. A tech geek can code all through the night to catch-up with some missed deadlines. People have more job control as independent contracting continues to show remarkable growth. All this factors make conventional office spaces that work eight to five unpopular. In their place, places such as New York shared office space Workville thrive.


WorkVille is a co-working office space provider. They are headquartered in 1412 Broadway, NY. They have very friendly and flexible co-working spaces spread across the Manhattan. Some of the offices available include dedicated private offices, dedicated desks, open co-working, conferences and outdoor services. This outdoor services include terraces and lounges.


All co-working office spaces at Workville have fast internet, fresh coffee, 24 hours availability, printing services, email and call services. It is a complete office only that it comes with an added incentive of inspired backgrounds and amazing décor. It central location in the heart of the city makes it accessible by workers and their customers too. They have location in major transportation hubs to supplement the available neutral points.

Steve Murray Of CCMP Capital – Investor And Philanthrop  0

About Steve Murray Of CCMP Capital:

Steve Murray is the CEO and president of CCMP capital, a private equity firm with focus on growth equity and buyout transactions. Steve graduated in 1984 from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Steve Murray later bagged his master’s degree in 1989 at the prestigious Columbia Business School in Business Administration.

He died at the age of 52 on the 12th of March 2015 and he is survived by his wife, Tami Murray and four children. Murray left CCMP in April 2015 for what was described as a critical health issue as his reason for stepping aside. He later died the following month, confirming speculations that he had health issues.

Steve Murray had been with CCMP and its predecessor companies since 1989. CCMP at a point in time was named Chase Capital Partners, it later changed its name to JPMorgan partners, and this was after J.P. Morgan bought Chase Capital Firm which was unarguably one of the largest private equity firms in the world. Chase Capital Partners or (JPMorgan Partners) became independent in 2006 with Jeff Walker as the CEO. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: https://www.pehub.com/2007/10/5-questions-with-stephen-murray/

Stephen Murray was trained as a business administrator, an economist and private equity investor. On the basis of merit, Steve Murray succeeded Jeff Walker, the founder of the company in 2007 as the CEO.

Steve Murray had a stellar career as a private equity investor with seats on the board of some top firms like Infogroup Inc., LHP Hospital Group, Crestcom International, JMDH Holdings, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and Octagon Credit Investors to mention a few. Steve often gave his valuable perspective on national issues bordering security, economy and finances.

Murray joined MH Equity Corporation in 1989, dealing with combined Manufacturers of Hanover’s Private equity firm working in its leveraged finance department.

Having worked in over five reputable finance firms and having received degrees in business administration among other professional qualifications, Steve remained valuable till he left active service in April 2015.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital supported a number of philanthropic projects over his lifetime, one project, for example, was the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Boston College, New York. He was also actively involved in the Food Bank of the Lower Fairfield County in Stamford Museum.

Even until today his contribution in private equity investment is still being lauded by his colleagues. His wife described him as a forward thinking and objective person whose life was about what he could give and not what he could get.

Whistleblower Program Protects Employees Anonymously Now

When the Protection Act was enacted in 2010 by Congress, it allowed whistleblowers to now find safe harbor reporting wrongdoings that were taking place at their jobs without the fear of being harassed or fired. Not only were these employees protected, they also had some financial incentive to come out from the shadows and cast a light on illegal securities activities taking place at the job. These employees now had the backing of the SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the game was about to change.

One of the very first law firms that decided to dedicate unlimited resources to Whistleblower Representation Practice was Labaton Sucharow. Not only did they offer employees a safe harbor from employers who were threatening people with losing their jobs, they dedicated unlimited resources in the way of world-class investigators, experienced forensic accountants, and qualified financial analysts. Now these whistleblowers had a supporting team at their back ready to expose that illegal activity taking place with their employer. The law firm saw a huge influx in business once employees realized they had the backing to support their claims.

As per the rules enacted within the whistleblower program, the SEC will pay eligible whistleblowers between10-30% of any money collected as a result of the successfully enforcing actions that are more than $1 million. This is a substantial reward that can provide financial security for many people who have been living under the thumb of their employer and having to be subjected to these illegal activities on a daily basis. Many employees who rely solely on their income were not in the past willing to jeopardize their future by filing a report.

One reason the Dodd-Frank Act allowed more workers to bring these allegations to light, the program prohibited any retaliation by employers against whistleblowers who reported these crimes to the SEC. These employees were also afforded the opportunity to report such violations while remaining completely anonymous. This allowed them to work with their lawyer while staying on the job to eliminate any suspicions by the employer they were being investigated.

Any employee who has been told by their employer that their job was at risk if they decided to report illegal activities were now free to reach out to a lawyer and receive a free case evaluation concerning the SEC Whistleblower Program. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed, and during the consultation, any individuals reported by name as security violators will also remain anonymous.

Learn more: http://www.secwhistlebloweradvocate.com/

The Importance of a Positive Online Reputation on Social Media Websites

In life, a positive Reputation Defender is worth more than just about anything. Think about it – if people have a negative view of you, there can be serious consequences to deal with. This is especially true for businesses, and more so in the Information Age. With millions of people going online every day, the Internet has become the default place to go in order to get information. This means that potential customers go online to find out about your company. If what they find is negative, you may very well lose a prospective customer or even lose the loyalty of existing customers.
No business can afford to lose customers these days. Things are more competitive than they have ever been before. If a customer fails to give their business to your company you can bet your competitors will be ready to welcome them with open arms. Social media has made it even more of a possibility for businesses to suffer from negative information being posted online. A lot of people are not shy about posting negative reviews, and they don’t care if it ruins your business or not.

Online reputation management firms specialize in helping to build and protect your online reputation. The best firms utilize social media in such a way as to build a positive reputation and strong brand recognition for your business. The way that people comment and share information online can go a long way toward causing problems for your company’s reputation, if those comments contain negative information. Online reputation management companies regularly help their clients to navigate the world of social media comments, likes and shares in order to prevent negative information from spreading like wildfire.

Online reputation management firms recommend that if any negative comments are posted on your company’s social media properties that professionally responding can go a long way in helping with damage control. It is easy to take things personally, but if a comment or share is negative in nature, it is not in your company’s best interest to react negatively. A professional response can go a long way toward defusing potential misunderstandings and shows other customers that your brand is one that always takes the high road; even when you are defending it from online negativity.

Top online reputation management companies have the experience, strategies and ability to help when negative online press or comments threaten the future of your business. Social media sites are here to stay, so smart business owners and managers need to make it a point to take measures to protect and nurture their companies’ online reputations.


The Expert Advice of Madison Street Capital

For innovative and unique investment opportunities that will guarantee a high rate of return as well as low risk, Madison Street Capital is the best investment firm to invest with in order to create a diverse portfolio. This famous international investment firm is currently headquartered in North America and continuously enforces transparency to show the client exactly what this investment firm is up to each and every quarter. In the most recent report, Madison Street Capital reported that the investment firm made over 42 negotiations with other individuals as well as businesses. This number of transactions was reported by the company to have increased by a total of 27 percent within one year.

As this blog states, the main objective of serving the clients with the best investment options available, it is no wonder that Madison Street Capital has received so much recognition for the company’s excellence. With a good team of professionals, clients who have used Madison Street Capital as an investment firm have remained loyal to this investment firm. The secret to the success of Madison Street Capital is the fact that the goals and desires of every single client becomes the goals and desires of the professional investment consultant in order to ensure that the best decisions are made.

The specialty of this investment firm is providing top results to middle-market firms and to successfully navigate transactions that are considered to be complex. With guidance that is sophisticated and a partnership formed between the consultant and the client, no client is ever left to be disappointed with the investment results. Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that is constantly speculating into the future which provides the best results for the client. Currently, Madison Street Capital is encouraging for the clients to invest in industries such as renewable energy as it is increasing in the rate of return.

Madison Street Capital has helped many clients over the years that specialize and are the leaders of hundreds of different industries. As the leader of financial advisory, Madison Street Capital attracts clients that come from all over the world including North America, Asia, as well as Africa. With many employees that have diverse cultures and language skills, Madison Street Capital plans to continue to expand. With a global view of the world, Madison Street Capital not only wants to protect and grow the small businesses, but also wants to expand the communication networks.

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The Purpose of IAP Worldwide

About IAP Worldwide

IAP is a leading international service firm for more than 60 years. IAP provides a full a broad spectrum of services and solution to U.S and the international government agencies and companies. IAP is a leading provider of services in the market.

IAP Worldwide Services influences its capabilities to give safe and reliable solutions to the market to meet the customer needs. They solve complex challenges in the market. The company’s headquarter is in Cape Canaveral FL, and it operates in more than 100 locations in 20 countries worldwide. IAP maintains other offices in Washington, D.C. area, Panama City FL, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Supporting groups worldwide

IAP is formed in Irmo, SC as a specific logistics and procurement company. The company started as a contact to offer generator supplies to the army of U.S. The military in the US turns into a group that openly supports the countries troops during the desert storm. Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: https://www.glassdoor.com/Jobs/IAP-Worldwide-Services-Jobs-E39430.htm and http://www.careercast.com/jobs/iap-worldwide-services-afghanistan-192733851-b

Since then IAP Worldwide Services gained trust from the U.S military and continued to win contracts for international procurement. The firm also wins contracts in mobile power generation, emergency disaster relief, and locomotion services.

Tapping emerging markets

As a trusted industry IAP holds services from the government worth $370 million. The government believes the company with any form of duty. The firm is likely to secure a chance in permanent service providing an agent to the public. IAP Worldwide provides services to the maximum.

Solution for expanding markets

According to https://www.iapws.com/about/history/, IAP acquires G3 Systems Ltd. It is a British engineering firm providing their services in the UK and overseas. G3 offers the government commercial and international customers with a broad range of facilities services clarifications. G3 can design operate and maintain all types of equipment and services on the global basis depending on the understanding and the experience of working in challenging areas and harsh environments.

Corporate responsibility of IAP Worldwide

The way IAP Worldwide Services defines success is not only by how they treat their customers but everyone else who is interested in their services. IAP helps to show gratitude to the public and many communities who have been part of their growth and development.

They target to meet the men and women who exemplify everything IAP Worldwide represents by serving their honest customers, employees and the community as a whole. IAP is building the future of every pioneering company evolved into the IAP services at the moment.

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How to Plan a Special Event

A special occasion requires a great deal of planning and organization. This was pointed out in a recent Redbook article regarding Lauren Conrad and her start of The Little Market, which is her online fair-trade retailer. She is also known for her book Celebrate.

Lauren Conrad has become known in the fashion world, the publishing business and the social media. The article reports she has almost 10 million followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, has published nine books and has contributed two clothing collections to the fashion world.

Ms. Conrad stresses planning events that are casual and fun regardless of the size of the event. The point being that the emphasis should be having your guests enjoy each other’s company in a pleasant atmosphere.

Along this line, you will find a company called Twenty Three Layers in New York City. This firm gives full service to planning and designing for any event. It can be a huge affair, which includes many officials, or a small event that has special requirements.

Having a company such as Twenty Three Layers eliminates any worries one might have regarding things such as lighting, catering, floral design, entertainment and so forth. From the first introduction to the final result, their experienced personnel work tirelessly to provide the best options available for your particular needs.

Different kinds of lighting, for example, can change the entire look of a room. When special table coverings, place settings and floral arrangements are added, it can provide a spectacular ambiance that sets the scene for an enjoyable event.

Catering for an event is a specialty of the company. They offer a wide range of food, prepared by well-known chefs, that is especially designed to fit the occasion. Whether a light buffet or a formal dinner is desired, they are able to provide the most appropriate food available.

This is an excellent way to have a spectacular event by having the assistance of experts in the event planning industry.

Mike Baur Plans To Help Swiss Startups

Mike Baur is a native of Switzerland. He grew up in the Fribourg region of Switzerland which is located in the western part of the country. Mike grew up with a strong leaning towards heading to study banking, commerce and trade. He says that ever since he was a little boy the thought of trading, exchanging and making money fascinated him.

He would turn his boyhood fascination of banking, commerce, trade and finance into a dream career in banking. Mike Baur would work over twenty years in the Swiss banking industry, working for notable firms such as Swiss Bank UBS. He did have a very humble beginning in the Swiss banking industry. Mike Baur would begin his career as a lowly intern but would quickly rise through the ranks, becoming a manager, investor and finally an executive. The high point of his career was when he became an executive board member of a Swiss financial institution. In this position he was one of the major leaders of the private bank.

Though Mike Baur loved his banking job and enjoyed working in the profession in 2014, he decided to try entrepreneurship. He would became a co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, which would quickly become a leading information and communication technology startup accelerator in his native Switzerland. Currently Mike Baur serves as a managing director of the Swiss Startup Factory venture.

The Swiss Startup Factory offers young and ambitious entrepreneurs as well as new startups a multitude of tools to help them succeed. Located in the heart of downtown Zurich, the Swiss Startup Factory is a coworking space. What this means is that it is space where entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and corporate employees can work side by side together in an open, collaborative environment.

Studies have shown that coworking spaces such as those found in the Swiss Startup Factory help spur innovation and can increase worker productivity. It can also encourage networking. The Swiss Startup Factory is easily accessible by mass transit in Zurich. The co-working space at the Swiss Startup Factory is a state of the art one. It features conference rooms, board rooms, break rooms, gyms, a film studio and a professional lobby.

Rates for the Swiss Startup Factory’s coworking spaces are very affordable and highly competitive. Entrepreneurs and business people can select from a desk in a common area, shared office space to private dedicated office space. The Swiss Startup Factory also provides funding, financial accounting services and networking to startups and entrepreneurs through its own network of investors.

Securus: Righting the Wrongs

It takes a company with great conviction and courage to stand up for what it believes in and stick behind it, through thick and thin. That is the kind of company that Securus is, one that doesn’t back down and one that has integrity, courage, and strong determination. They are, of course, a top provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring. They have an A+ BBB.org accreditation. When it comes to public safety, few things are more important. We need to feel safe as we walk this earth and leave our homes. They are what we like to call problem solvers. If you put a problem in front of them, they will defeat it and they will not back down from it.
They recently revealed PR Newswire article, includes multiple reports, facts, findings and articles that will highlight wrongdoings and integrity breaches by inmate communications provider Global Tel Link (a.k.a. “GTL”). This is huge. So many times, when companies hear about things like this, they turn a blind idea or refuse to do anything. They don’t want to get involved. They would rather let someone else handle it. That is not how Securus operates, however. When they see a wrongdoing, they are going to speak about it.

They recently released a strongly worded press release where they talked about the issues with GTL and how they are going to handle it and what they are going to do about it. I give them credit for doing so, as not only are they taking on GTL, they are putting their name behind it. They are a fearless company and one that doesn’t shy away from challenges or anything that is thrown their way. In fact, they embrace it, defeat it, and come up with solutions. They don’t believe in problems or focusing on the negative. They believe in the positive and getting the best possible result.

About Securus: https://www.linkedin.com/company/securus-technologies


Bury Bad Articles is Here to Help

Our company, Bury Bad Articles can help hide negative reviews or comments about a particular company. One or two negative reviews or articles can cause a significant decrease in an online company’s sales or even their reputation.

Our company specializes in moving those negative search results way down the line or even hiding them completely. The way the negative search results are entered can affect how we can hide it, but this is something our company has experience doing. We can hide the negative comment completely or most often, move it down the search engine result page.

When most people research a company and enter it in a search engine, several pages will appear with relevant information. Most customers will look at the first top pieces of information and rarely delve further. While we can push down the negative articles, odds are potential clients will probably never see them. Some customers will post negative comments rather than seek help from contacting the company directly with a complaint. We can hide those comments so potential customers don’t see them. These negative comments can seriously hinder a company’s reputation and our researchers realized the need to hide or bury these comments. We may even be able to rid them completely depending on how they were entered.

This kind of service is what we have garnered experience in and can help companies restore their reputations. Our research has shown that one or two negative comments can hinder sales to up to a whopping 70 percent. Let our experts restore your company’s reputation and sales potential. We are fast, efficient and we guarantee our work.