We Want Your Goat Story!

We’re Crowd-Sourcing A Book About Goats!

Hello Fellow Goat Fan & Enthusiast!

Minneapolis-based Voyageur Press, a publisher of quality books on subjects of rural living and self-sufficiency is planning for 2014 publication a book tentatively titled Extraordinary Goats. This book will be chock full of historical illustrations and modern photos of goats doing what goats do—riding motorcycles, surfing, climbing trees, headbutting, and strutting their stuff in barnyards and on city promenades. The text is a lighthearted history of goats, their behavior and personality, and their symbolism in pop culture.

In short, this will be the ultimate, illustrated celebration of everyone’s favorite barnyard friend. To make this the best goat book ever, we’re crowd-sourcing anecdotes and photographs from folks who have spent a good deal of time around our caprine friends. The stories can range from humorous to heart-warming and detail everything from remarkable run-ins to life-changing epiphanies. The photographs will ideally depict goats engaged in “human” activities.

We can’t pay you for your submissions, but if they’re used we’ll certainly credit you alongside them in the book and provide a complimentary copy upon publication. Photographs must be at least 1MB, but preferably larger. Please email submissions to Michael Dregni (mdregni@quaysidepub.com).

Excerpted/edited versions of submitted stories may also be posted here at The Blaaag.

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